METRO Kinobar

Since 2012, the Grünstern garden kitchen has been an indispensable component of the FAA’s open-air festival Kino wie noch nie (Cinema as never before) in the Augarten. High-quality, seasonal, organic produce grown in or nearby Vienna and prepared right after picking plays the leading role in an array of wonderfully simple dishes bursting with intense flavors.


The Grünstern urban-garden-kitchen philosophy is a perfect match for our institution: promoting diversity, rediscovering old strains, preserving the cultural heritage are all priorities shared by the Film Archive and the Grünstern team in equal measure.


The Grünstern urban garden kitchen stands for proud producers and their lovingly grown plants. In recent years, more than a hundred citizen-gardeners have transformed the Grünstern community garden in the Augarten into a small urban garden paradise. Unadulterated farm-to-table ingredients, harvested daily and obtained from producers based in Vienna and its surroundings are key to a culinary concept celebrating the local diversity growing right outside our front door.


METRO Kinokulturhaus
Johannesgasse 4, 1010 Vienna
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Daniel Wolkerseder

Opening Hours

daily 1 hour before first screening until 23:00