Reconstructed and digitally restored
© Filmarchiv Austria, 2018



91 minutes, with English subtitles
DVD / Codefree / PAL
ISBN 978-3-902781-65-9

The state of Utopia is afflicted with unemployment and galloping inflation; massive crowds protest in the streets. Nationalist German anti-Semites, headed by the two members of parliament, Bernart and Volbert, seize the situation as an opportunity to blame the Jews for the nation’s misery. In parliament, a law is passed to expel them ... THE CITY WITHOUT JEWS was hitherto preserved in a fragmentary and, in terms of its content, downplayed version, until the Filmarchiv Austria succeeded in finding the missing parts in 2015. After a successful crowdfunding campaign, the Filmarchiv Austria reconstructed and digitally restored this unique film document.