Photo Collection


The Film Archive administers Austria’s largest collection of film photos and film stills. More than two million photographs spanning the entire history of cinema from its beginnings to the present day are stored and catalogued at the Audio-Visual Center Augarten. The collection is continually growing, with photos and stills from current Austrian film productions being regularly added to it. Film Archive Austria moreover actively seeks to expand its holdings by acquiring photos from other institutions, production companies (e.g. Wien-Film), distributors and private collectors.


Substantial contributions to the collection have also come in the form of a number of important bequests. One example of this occurred in 1997, when the FAA took over the Leutner collection’s extensive photo archive, which focusses on star-portraits and set photography. In 2001, the FDZ [Center for the Documentation of Film], owner of Austria’s largest private collection of film photos, moved its holdings to the FAA.


Our photo collection is run as a professional visual archive. Inquiries and requests are promptly addressed. Visitors interested in conducting archival research are obliged to arrange an appointment.


Aldijana Becirovic
+43 (0)1 216 13 00 – 242