The Leutner Collection


Born in Horn, Lower Austria, Rudolf Leutner (1914–1999) was one of the most important private film collectors in Austria. In 1997, he decided to gift his collection of film photography – which he started before World War Two and continued to expand for the rest of his life – to the Film Archive Austria.


Until his death in 1999, Leutner  supervised the installation of his collection at the FAA’s Augarten location. The Leutner collection encompasses a photo collection (approx. 250,000 photographs, including star portraits, set photos, autographs, etc.), a library (about 5,000 film-related books as well as national and international film journals), film and theater programs, production albums and a poster collection. The collections can be viewed at the FAA Study Center Augarten.collection. The collections can be viewed at the FAA Study Center Augarten.


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Autographed photo of Erich von Stroheim from the Collection Leutner